Monday, May 4, 2009

Do the math!!

WAIT A MINUTE!! Since I didn't major in math, I may be missing something. But if Glenn Beck's deal looks like a lot of others (15% royalty) he is sacrificing royalty income for the privilege of greater input in marketing?? Like - "I don't like blue on the cover" or maybe "Let's do FOS at B&N!" C'mon - only if he sells a gazillion books (OK - more than the 750K of Sweater) he makes marginally more than a traditional deal. Authors need to focus on engaging their audience, motivating them to buy and giving them the tools to become advocates for their ideas. Beck has a tremendous platform from which to operate - he is an 'a' list celebrity. I fear that the OTHER half million writers will be distracted by the terms of this deal and lose what should be their laser like focus on meeting their readers.

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