Friday, January 30, 2009

EXCELLENT post on David Meerman Scott's ...

Web Ink Now blog - this is the future of publishing!

No 'book publisher', no editor, can engage the reading audience the way that Lisa Genova did as described by David. Must reading for authors - THIS IS HOW BOOKS SELL. Critical reading for book publishers who are ready to let go of the co-op driven business model and invest resources to help authors identify their 'tribe' and lead them, as Lisa did.
The reality is that big publishing is too big, too slow and unlikely to change. They'll keep publishing more and more books, fail to work with authors who, having managed to 'score a deal' are under the impression the publisher will 'market' their book.

The bill for your sins is past due, publisher! You've been sent to collection.

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  1. Thanks Mark. Lisa's is an amazing story. Truly inspiring.