Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Are you kidding me? This is what Random House thinks will help drive their business this fall?

C'mon guys. Nothing Random House, Harper, S&S, Penguin can do or say will motivate someone to buy a book. ITS THE AUTHOR, my friends.

The publishers have privileged relationships with the retailers and the media. The author has a privileged relationship with the reader. The author must take ownership of the sell-out of the store.

Publishers are great at bringing the content and package together, getting the books into stores and facilitating the authors connection to the reader through media. But the author needs to engage and motivate readers directly if they expect to sell books. There are so many ways to do that in addition to the rare and precious face to face opportunities - and Random House would be well served (and do right by their authors) by working with them on this aspect of the publishing process.

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